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In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please organize your personal information first. Send the information to our email address, or directly add the broker WeChat, there will be someone to contact you to schedule an interview.

Photo request:
Submit only natural photos, no professional studio shots, because we want to see ourselves in the most natural state. Please submit more than 4 photos of your own. HEAD-SHOT, PROFILE, MID-LENGTH & FULL-LENGTH. All photos must be colored. Do not submit digital enhanced photos. Please don't make up because we have to see your true skin tone. Head photography must be taken on the front and should fully reveal your face. Please relax your face, don't smile or grin in the photo, because it is like a passport photo, record your opinion about us. Keep your hair as natural as possible and do not obstruct the bone structure of the head and head. In the configuration file, we need to look at the jaw line. Hair needs to stay away from the face. Medium and full length lenses should be taken when fully dressed. Avoid wearing loose clothes and standing upright on your shoulders. Try to look as natural as possible. Make sure your image size does not exceed 3MB.

Company Company brokers will check the contact in time.
Company broker WeChat:JDSGDYR (Or scan the QR code below)

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