Brand Business Cooperation

Brand association

Brand joint / strategic cooperation

“With the same people, things will be blamed.” We look forward to building trust and mutual assistance with more brands, sharing resources and making benefits win-win. 7IN always adheres to the inclusive and open attitude towards our partners and competitors. It is the so-called wise men to bridge, the fools build walls. We look at ourselves from an objective perspective and treat others. The seventh innovation is committed to the development of a one-stop service platform, adhering to the industrial chain business development model and the establishment of exchanges with different groups of companies.
The seventh innovation is looking forward to joining you and your friends here. Establish a more convenient branding and cooperation strategy.

Media / PR

The seventh innovation provides you with media public relations, planning and operations for all major platforms. We have many domestic top media resources including CCTV, Beijing TV, People's Daily, Sina, Tencent, Phoenix TV, VOGUE, Bazaar, GQ, Demeanor and many other media resources. A professional PR team creates a complete brand public relations experience for you.

  • Internet media
  • news media
  • Paper media, magazine weekly
  • Video platform
  • Live platform
  • Self-media operation


The seventh innovation has a number of production teams with more than 5 years of cooperation, and planning design teams. From planning to execution, from construction to live broadcast. A wealth of experience leads to a safer quality guarantee. We provide a full range of brand packaging planning services, brand event planning and execution.

  • Stage building / exhibition
  • Lighting and sound
  • Live program / guide
  • Director field control / background management

International Business

The seventh innovation has business cooperation with media and companies in the United States, France, Italy, Japan, and other countries. At the same time, the seventh innovation provides multi-language services and foreign resources. Open the door to the brand internationalization road.

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The seventh innovation team will communicate with you to make you feel professional and steady. We look forward to getting more partners to join us and building the necessary communications to work for the future of the brand.
The Seventh Innovation Team will create a cutting-edge strategic plan for your brand in a multi-disciplinary way of thinking, creating a high-end personalized and exclusive solution for the brand.

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